Quality assurance is at the core of what we do. Our products and processes demonstrate, that we know the signification, not just of what goes in, but also of what stays out.

In Canada, CanAdelaar operates yet another greenhouse facility. As one of the very first Health Canada licensees and member of the exclusive group of EU-GMP certified Canadian licensed producers since 2017, Maricann Inc. caters to the Canadian medical and lifestyle cannabis markets in addition to serving international customers in the medical space with GMP-certified product.

CanAdelaar Graz, our approximately 1 million sq. ft. greenhouse facility located in the heart of Styria, achieved Austria Bio certifications, while the adjacent warehouse achieved GMP certification.

For its part, our 75,000 sq. ft. indoor facility in Korneuburg provides an unmatched level of environmental control, allowing us to develop, refine and repeat specific growth conditions in order to, produce certain plant properties in every single harvest. We attach great importance to consistent production processes, in accordance with GMP Regulations, which ensure high quality and standardised products.

As an international company, we stand for the highest quality, unique production techniques, as well as expertise in research, innovation and product development. We complement our own skillset by partnering with leading R&D organisations to drive operational excellence. This helps us to continually improve our processes and our products. Our customers benefit from services, which implement the best possible techniques in cannabis cultivation, harvesting and processing, as well as from products, which are characterised by the highest standards of quality.

Austria BIO Garantie certification is evidence that an organisation has been inspected and found to be in accordance with all relevant regulations. The inspection follows Regulation (EC) 834/2007, which is meant for organic production and labeling, together with the guideline for “Organic Production”. These include a ban on using GMOs as well as non-registered pesticides. Specific principles such as the recycling of waste and the minimisation of the use of non-renewable resources, also have to be followed. By using only locally-sourced materials for production and recycling most of the waste created during manufacturing, CanAdelaar follows and implements all of these regulations. CanAdelaar has been awarded the Austria BIO Garantie.